Monday, February 15, 2010

Answering Tony

Answering Tony

Tony Denton is a mentally challenged person. Long time ago, virtually the whole world deserted him. Mike Hatrick and Faruque Ahmed were supporting him in many ways for a long time. Recently both of us relised that Tony requires professional assistance and I have decided cut ties with him for safety and security reasons. I have advised Anne about it. However for some strange reason Anne became very close to Tony and found herself in many troubles.

I am not answerable to Tony. However, Anne Turner inspired frivolous and vexatious attacks of Toney do not deserve any attention. Nonetheless I have to add a few points to dispel some of the myths.

Faruque Ahmed's Letter to ACMA is common sense approach. The ACMA Reply to Faruque Ahmed is a result of due process of law. Faruque Ahmed's Letter to Radio 2UE a necessary beast! Radio 2UE Response to Faruque Ahmed is frustrating and a reflection of the media culture of Australia. Faruque Ahmed's Communication with the ACMA will be a test case after the Cash for Comment Inquiry.

David Oldfield, David Oldfield to David Oldfield, Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2 UE), David Oldfield to Jim Ball and Taxi Mafia Inspired Blockade (Radio 2GB) are self explanatory.

The power of Aussie talkback and Have your say on talkback radio are a good starting point. Deliberately impotent NSW Anti-Discrimination Board allows Muslim and Christian Bashing in NSW. However, saying a word against Zio-Nazi war crimes and genocide are considered to be the cardinal sins here!

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, Sadistic Reply and Is He Guilty Because Of His Religion? are only few issues I am proudly involved with.

I therefore reject Anne inspired and Tony delivered idiocy. I got better things to do.

Faruque Ahmed

Monday, November 30 2009

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Muslims are Guilty before Even Being Charged

Muslims are Guilty before Even Being Charged

Muslim Worshipers Attacked Outside Australian Mosque and Beyond Sydney Mosque Attack were published in the Crescent Times. As a result high ranking police officials are trying to defend the indefensible and a police internal inquiry commenced earlier to examine this matter! Nonetheless, the Crescent Times reports stood up firmly and it appears, the authorities have down graded the charge. However, we wait patiently to observe the disturbing pattern emerging out of these incidents, i.e. Muslims are guilty before even being charged and Muslims are not getting proper protection under the law.

On an early morning of 19/12/2009 a Muslim worshipers was brutally attacked out side Redfern Mosque (Cnr Goodlet and Walker Street, Redfern, NSW). In this instance, two offenders appeared with a red colored BMW and they severely bashed the victim for no known reason and then these offenders fled the scene. Some passerby noticed the severely injured and senseless victim at the gutter and they called the police and ambulance respectively. The police cordoned off the scene and since then no one was charged for this crime!

Since 9/11, vandalism and attacks against Muslims went up in Australia including around the Redfern Mosque. Good residents of the area have been asking the authorities to install security cameras to arrest the crime spree without any success.

Surprisingly, similar to
Muslim Worshipers Attacked Outside Australian Mosque the police failed to ask for public assistance through radio, television and newspaper! It is paramount that the wheel of justice is very slow for Muslims and someone is “managing” the media.

To make it worse, another Muslim person was physically attacked without any provocation outside a restaurant at Surry Hills by a racist person with his racist taunt. In this time two Ccccasian person attempted to assist the victim and apprehend the offender but several more ‘White” people freed the offender. At the end, the police arrived and apprehended the offender. Surprise! Surprise!! This time too, the police are too slow to charge the offender.

At outset, it appears, racism is on rise in Australia and the Indian government is standing up against it but the Muslim countries are not doing so.