Wednesday, September 10, 2008

72 Virgins to Nothing

72 Virgins to Nothing

72 virgins wait for any Muslim or even Arab who commit suicide. However, no one waits for non Muslims!! Therefore the question is, “why non-Muslims commit suicide”?

According to the ever-growing myth, the Australian Government is obliged to provide 144 000 virgins for 2000 Australian citizens who have committed suicide last year alone! However the United Nations is not providing (80 000 X 72 = how many virgins?) virgins to 80 000 farmers of the world who have committed suicide in the year 2007 too!! Legend says most of these farmers are neither Muslims nor religious!!!

Nonetheless, the US President George Bush saluted the Jews of Masada who have murdered their own children and then committed suicide to avoid capture by the Romans as “pure Jews”!

However, when a Palestinian kid finds his/her;
1. Mother was murdered by the Zionist bomb,
2. Father was gunned down by the Israeli terrorists,
3. Sister was dishonored by the Jewish criminals and
4. Life is empty and hopeless.
In desperation, if this Palestinian kid threw his/her body against all of those injustices and barbaric crimes; some good people in the “west” love to find 72 virgins and many cruel comments like Nazi-Zionists/Israelis/”Jews”.


mamubhi said...

You are correct.

Arab Semite said...

Well, become a Muslim Quickly. LOL

komolarani said...

Yes, based on available evidence presented here and if someone is stupid enough to commit suicide then it would be better for that person to become a Muslim first!

rabbiforpalestine said...
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rabbiforpalestine said...

Suicide is the cardinal sin in Islam.

72 virgin is a propaganda.